Lifelong health and wellness begin with good decisions

Health and Wellness Programs

We nurture health and wellness in mind and body.


Curriculum-Based Support Groups

Children and youth meet in confidential, small group settings where they learn essential life skills to help them cope with difficult family situations, resist negative peer pressure, respect others, set and achieve goals, make healthy choices and refuse tobacco, alcohol and other drugs. Participants are identified as living in at-risk situations and are recommended to attend the program by school administrators, counselors and teachers.


Educational Presentations and Tobacco, Alcohol and Drug-Free Events

Individuals of all ages learn the harmful effects of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs on their lives, their families and the community during presentations at schools and community sites. Most of the presentations are done in schools, including those conducted as part of the Red Ribbon campaign. We also partner with community organizations to offer events where families can enjoy a fun time in a tobacco, alcohol and drug free environment.

Life skills training

Life Skills Training

Third through twelfth-grade students learn to resist negative peer pressure, and increase self-esteem and confidence.

New Life


Mothers and families who are expecting a baby or have a child between ages 0-3 develop the skills they need to ensure the successful growth and development of their children. NEW LIFE advisors meet with parents in individual and group settings during the year-long program. Participants are required to complete the evidenced based Incredible Years curriculum and the Shaken Baby Syndrome Course.


Project Toward No Drug Abuse

High school students who demonstrate they are at high-risk for substance abuse meet in small groups on their school campuses where they learn self-control, effective communication, appropriate decision making strategies and how to live alcohol and drug free. Participants are recommended by school administrators, counselors and teachers.


Strengthening Families Program

Children and their parents significantly improve communication skills and relationships in this fourteen-session program which meets twice a week. The participants, some of whom are referred by school and juvenile justice administrators, are from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Participation in the evidenced-based program leads to a reduction of problem behaviors, such as substance abuse, delinquency and truancy.


Too Good For Drugs

First through twelfth grade students learn the basic skills needed to avoid tobacco, alcohol and drug addiction. The ten-session program, conducted at schools and community sites, focuses on how to resist peer pressure, set goals, make sound decision, manage emotions and communicate effectively in order to live a nonviolent, drug-free life.


VASA (Voices Advocating for Substance Awareness)

VASA is a community coalition that researches and implements environmental strategies related to substance use and misuse in McLennan County. It addresses underage alcohol use, tobacco and nicotine product use, marijuana and other cannabinoids use, and prescription drug abuse. VASA is comprised of nonprofits, businesses, parents, students and community members.