Education Programs

Education is the key to unlocking the future.

Education Programs

We promote success in education.


CAP (College Achievement Program)

This program encourages students to continue their education after completing high school. CAP advisors conduct informational presentations at schools and community sites, and meet individually with high school students and their parents to assist them in planning for, applying to, and financing college.

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La Voz para la Familia

Spanish-speaking parents learn to advocate for the educational needs of their children, improve their ability to communicate in English and, along with their children, develop skills to strengthen family relationships.


Summer Breakout

First through fifth grade students maintain mental acuity and learn healthy behaviors in this five-week summer program held in low-income neighborhoods, including housing authorities. Nationally recognized MindUP™ curriculum is used to teach children how the brain influences learning and behavior.


Summer Freedom School

Students in kindergarten through eighth grade are taught the value of education while exploring their cultural heritage in this five-week summer program held on school campuses. Participants’ parents are required to volunteer at the program and attend parent training sessions where they learn the skills needed to be an active part of their children’s lives.